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Huib Petersen's "Accidental Street Zoo" Featured in Huffington Post

Our very talented member, Huib Petersen, is literally changing the landscape of his block by creating a movement in his neighborhood in the Castro with crocheted exotic animals. Almost mysteriously, the animals started nesting them in trees and shrubs around his home. Huib started his creations from designs produced by the German phenomenon Mala Designs, and out of the 11 animals he's created, the first two he did for himself. ​​

We are lucky to have Huib in our group, a professional of high caliber. His talents not only extend to being a master at crocheting beautiful, colorful mandalas and knitting amazing scarves and shawls, which he learned to do at the age of 6 or 7 in Holland from the encouragement of his mother and grandmother, he also does beautiful handmade beadwork. The beadwork is prominently displayed in his workspace at his home. He also does tatting, macramé, bobbin lace, needle lace and embroidery, which he adds to his needlecraft portfolio.

We celebrate Huib and his many, many talents, and congratulate him on the wonderful article published in the Huffington Post, “One Man, Two Needles, and an Accidental Street Zoo”, by his neighbor and contributing HuffPost author Gail Cornwall..

We look forward to having Huib be a part of us for a very long time!

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