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Immigrant Yarn Project

​SF Men Knit was invited by Cindy Weil to participate in the Immigrant Yarn Project. What is the Immigrant Yarn Project? The Immigrant Yarn Project is a "purely democratic (by the people) and colossal work of public art, representing a cross section of the American experience." It is an opportunity to "rise above division and come together to celebrate what we all have in common—citizenry in a nation composed of diverse backgrounds, families, politics, faiths, identities and ideas."

Countless squares, pieces, pompoms and blankets knitted by immigrants and their descendants are compiled, sewn together and fashioned into over 100 sculptural columns, comprising a single colossal work of yarn-based art. First displayed at Fort Point National Historic Site, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in May 2019, and then in locations throughout the USA, the Immigrant Yarn Project will provide a testament to the creative spirit of our shared immigrant heritage. It is a celebration of our national gestalt, where the whole is as different and magnificent as the sum of its parts.

Check out for more information on how to get involved.

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